"Helton Construction custom home builders is a family owned Colorado business. I believe building a home is a personal experience where trust and reliability are essential. I am committed to quality craftsmanship and resource efficient construction that brings value to the building process. I take great pride to make your project as smooth and organized as possible."
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As many would-be, existing, or potential homeowners here in Colorado will vouch for, the naturally manifested landscape that is common to the Rockies is equally alluring as it is challenging when it comes to prospecting, charting, cultivating, and ultimately developing it for residential purposes. While the potential pitfalls and inherent problems that are commonly associated with constructing a residential (home or house) property in the Colorado terrain are definitely challenging and can prove trying to the inexperienced or uninitiated, however, there is a local and reliable solution readily available - us here at Helton Construction!

Custom Home Builds
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Varying from property design and project management to land development and foundations/framework; you can rest easy that regardless of the construction project's size, scope, or magnitude: our crews are among the best in the local construction industry.

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“We build it tight and innovate it right!”

It is with tremendous pride, great importance, and fortuitous opportunity that our company, Helton Construction, announces to you, our current or prospective client, that we are now offering complete construction coverage pertaining to new builds/construction and land/property development capacities throughout all of Colorado! Starting with the initial site assessment & survey, followed by design & permitting, and concluding with the actual construction of the home; our new construction coverage is promised and proven to be thorough, dilligent, and above all else: accommodating to you, the client.

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Our New Construction Procedures Are A Step-By-Step Process Of Proven Success!

Continue reading further if you’re curious as to precisely how Helton Construction can be a welcome addition to your upcoming/pending new construction project.

Step One
Verification of Coverage

In dedication towards the convenience of our clientele, both eventual and existent, and as well as our fellow general (sub)contractors, we’ve illustrated a general outline/overview as to just how the construction experts here Helton Construction can delineate, direct, and delegate accordingly; the progress of any/all new construction projects that we are responsible for directing.

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Step Two
Client Outreach & Scheduling

If you have any additional inquiries regarding our new construction services, capacities, or coverage that Helton Construction offers, require further expansion the new construction capacities/services listed below, or would like to schedule your complimentary (truly cost or obligation-free!), on-site estimate, please feel free to reach out directly to us by clicking here.

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Step Three
Service Request & Response

For those local Colorado clients or fellow general contractors who already have an intimate understanding/familiarity with the [new] construction process, we advise you to pose any additional questions within the form when filling out our Construction Request Form. All construction requests and submissions will be addressed and responded to within 48 hours of receipt.

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Energy Efficient Homes

One thing that nearly every homeowner here in Colorado can agree upon is the fact that the annual inflation in cost, as well as the demand for energy (gas, electric, solar, to name a few), is a financial imposition that only increases each year. While there are several options available for local homeowners regarding cleaner, renewable energy to offset the sometimes outrageous utility bills that are incurred each month, it is actually our belief that preventative planning can make a very significant impact on the energy consumption a local property here in Colorado experiences. For instance, the custom homes that we are often tasked with designing and constructing typically feature specific design qualities and techniques that drastically improve the air quality and overall ventilation for the home’s occupants.

Here's Why So Many Colorado Residents Choose Helton Construction For Their New Home Builds
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Superior Air Quality

Appreciating the need for quality, filtered air throughout your home largely goes without saying, however, it is worth noting that there are several ways to achieve this. Chief among them being during the initial design & layout phase, our construction specialists actually incorporate elements that assist with reducing the “waste” of treated air or air that has been heated or chilled. We also use only quality materials, products, and supplies when constructing homes (especially the ductwork and ventilation system) to ensure that the air quality maintains an ideal cleanliness or “breathability” for years to come.

Exceptional Ventilation

A property that lacks emphasis on the ventilation of its air is often a property that has many underlying issues that can become extremely detrimental to its inhabitants. For instance, a house that is designed with proper ventilation is less likely to be plagued by mold, fungus, or microbes that are a direct result of moisture and precipitation remaining stagnant and not properly evaporating. Considering that Colorado, as a State, enjoys nearly a foot and half each year in just rain alone on an annual basis, it’s in every homeowner’s best interest to consider an update to their home’s ventilation system.

Economical Energy Consumption

Another “selling point” or undeniable benefit of having Helton Construction at the helm of your new home build/construction is the fact that our homes are designed to maximize production of comfort and amenities whilst minimizing the energy or resources needed to accomplish said comfort. How we are able to constantly and consistently is, while simple in explanation, is a bit more elaborate in execution. To put it succinctly, our home builders and construction experts consolidate the decades of custom home building experienced obtained from customizing and building homes in the Colorado area and apply towards designing a home that takes advantage of modern ventilation systems as much as the overall layout of the home towards augmenting energy consumption and efficiency.

Energy Recovery

Here at Helton Construction, we’ve adopted the age-old adage of “Waste not; want not”, and apply it towards the custom homes we design and build for our local Colorado clients. From the actual construction and development of the home which involves using meticulous planning and material acquisition to how the ventilation and energy consumption performs throughout the tenure of the home, you can safely rely on our emphasis on recovery, renewal, and sustainability. How our emphasis on energy recovery and renewable qualities in our new home builds and custom construction projects can benefit you, our current/prospective client is rather extensive; yet it is always helpful to at least have an overview. To that effect, we’ve taken the liberty of describing *energy recovery in a residential property or home/house to better convenience our customers and ensure they are educated prior to enlisting our construction services.



Considering Any Successful Construction Project With Helton Construction Is Contingent Upon 5 Central Values, We Are Staunch In Our Promotion & Advocacy Of Those Selfsame Values!


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This ensures both the customer(you) and the contractor (us here at Helton Construction) are seeing in accordance and striving towards the same goals throughout each phase, stage, and turn of your new construction project.

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Maintaining clarity, or transparency, during each and every stage of the [new] construction project allows for a better understanding and grasp of the construction project as it unfolds, rather than being reactive; sometimes detrimentally so.

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Our illustrious list of happy customers and noteworthy accomplishments notwithstanding; when we dedicate our resources to any new construction project, the commitment, and adherence to quality construction services & overall customer satisfaction is, and will always remain, undeniably paramount.

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As with any interaction, whether it be prolonged or brief, being hinged upon clear and consistent communication, the same definitely can and typically is applied to most any construction projects; and with impactful reason! Communication is the driving force of society and offering consistency in communication during our construction projects has proven to be absolutely invaluable!


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By you, our would-be or existing client, “holding up your end of the bargain” by investing in the construction expertise we are renowned for offering here at Helton Construction; and us, in turn following suit, by “pulling our own weight” and applying that aforementioned experience towards your construction project, both parties involved (us) will definitely benefit at the construction project’s conclusion - thus leaving everyone fulfilled!


Colorado Clients & Fellow Contractors Alike

Please, if able, be as detailed and definitive as you are able to when filling out the Construction Request Form. This allows our in-house specialists and design teams the oft-appreciated opportunity to become as familiarized as possible with your new construction project prior to the site assessment/survey and bid/agreement; thus bettering the inevitable resulting success of the previously mentioned new construction project.