Site Assessment & Surveying Services

During our storied tenure in the local new construction, new builds, and general contracting industry, we’ve concluded that the initial site assessment/visit and any ensuing appraisal/surveying is absolutely essential. Ascertaining this revelation after decades of firsthand new construction knowledge and noteworthy contributions in our local field of trade (general construction & contracting) was by no means an effortless or pain-free task; however, it was unequivocally much more rewarding. Which, as has been proven through our enviable list satisfied clientele and local customers, is something we approach very, very studiously.

What Our Site Assessments & Surveying Services Entail

Step One
Of Our Site Assessment & Surveying Services For New Construction Projects

During the initial “meet and greet,” our new construction divisions are able to familiarize themselves with the local, landscape, terrain, obstacles, and natural features. This allows them to set a baseline for the upcoming project and get a “feel” for what our clients are envisioning.

Step Two
Of Our Site Assessment & Surveying Services For New Construction Projects

While assessing the land, property, or parcel, any potential obstacles or hindrances are notated and factored into the overall design of the construction project.x Hills, valleys, grades, vegetation, and slopes are but a few of the many things our surveyors and assessors documenting for later consideration during the design phase of the new build or new construction project.

Step Three
Of Our Site Assessment & Surveying Services For New Construction Projects

Once a thorough circumnavigation of the property’s perimeter in question has been accomplished, our assessors, design teams, & construction crews are able to collaborate and consolidate the information gathered during the site assessment in order to best establish an accurate/practical quote for the new construction enterprise.

Success Is All But A Certainty With Helton Construction

For example, being a locally operated and locally owned construction outfit affords us the invaluable opportunity to not only welcome new residents to our Fremont County, Colorado communities but also allows us to mediate with all the local entities that are commonly involved with a new residential construction project, such as city officials/inspectors, utility companies, as well as fellow contractors.

As has been stated before, our "driving force" here at Helton Construction has been and always will be the complete satisfaction of our fellow homeowners here in Central Colorado; whether through our unequaled coverage concerning custom construction services or our project management capacities.

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