Our Construction Projects Are Never Behind Because We Always Plan Ahead!

A wiseman once stated that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” (Benjamin Franklin) and we here at Helton Construction could not agree more; especially when it concerns a large, residential enterprise, such as a new home build, design, and/or construction project.

By taking the extra time to place proper emphasis on the phases of construction that matter the most during a new home build/construction, our in-house construction experts are able to prevent potential mishaps and setbacks from “monkey-wrenching” the whole operation later on its progress.

We apply our generations of construction experience to ensure that each new home build or new construction project we are responsible for overseeing here in Colorado advances through each phase/stage as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Consultation & Agreement

Offering a reasonable quote, bid or estimate(both financially & timeframe-wise!) has shown to be undeniably instrumental during the preliminary or earlier stages of any construction endeavor.

Regardless of the size of said property, the bureaucracy regarding all zoning, permitting & compliance guidelines, or the complexity in which the home will eventually be designed.

To better appreciate the benefit of receiving as well as providing a fair and honest quote, we recommend taking a gander at how our exclusive agreement & consultation process works during the new construction project’s infancy stages.

Mediation & Permitting

Factoring in that most new building/construction projects for residential properties are often elaborate, in-depth endeavors, it is only natural that there is an expected amount of bureaucracy, litigation, or “red tape” established to ensure safe and reliable construction/business practices are being actively upheld throughout the project’s various stages.

Furthermore, being acquainted with all local pertinent and applicable rigmarole that is commonly associated with new construction projects here in Colorado can often preclude the difference between projected completion & deadlines times being upheld and having to delay the eventual “move-in day.”

Given this common problem and particular circumstance that our fellow Colorado homeowners typically face, we decided as a company, to assuage as much of that hassle as possible by mediating all necessary sanctioning, permitting, or applications that may be necessary during each phase of your new build/construction project.

Mediation Capacities Offered

✔ City
✔ Utility
✔ Water
✔ Gas
✔ Electrical
✔ H.O.A.
✔ Digital/Data
✔ Inspections
✔ Permitting
✔ Rentals
✔ Equipment
✔ Materials

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