A New Construction Project Should Never Be Delayed Due To A Shortage Of Equipment & Tools Of The Trade

Having now gained a substantial foothold regarding the progress made during the new construction project thus far with the submission of permitting, designs, plan sets, and the site assessment, our new construction crews are now able to work with our customer(s) directly to determine what choice materials and building supplies are to be used during the upcoming new construction project.

Additionally, with our long and storied tenure in the local construction industry here in Colorado, we’ve had the tremendous fortune to establish lifelong relationships with many local construction equipment & heavy-machinery suppliers. Which, much to the benefit of our customers and clients alike, often directly correlates into added savings overall during the budgeting portion of the new construction project.

What’s more, is that it ensures the construction phase of the new build is expedited as promptly and efficiently as possible. For the convenience of reference, we’ve briefly notated examples of basic building supplies & materials as well as standard equipment, tools, and machinery that we customarily implement during our new construction projects; thus all but guaranteeing success, quality, and consistency.

Building Supplies & Materials

(nails, screws, tacks, clamps, trusses, struts, nuts, bolts)

Often featuring many of the assorted odds and ends commonplace during a typical new construction project, the hardware often consists of nails, screws, tacks, clamps, braces, trusses, and struts. While seemingly small and minuscule at face value; these particular necessities are unequivocally instrumental during the building, construction, and installation phase(s) of the new construction project. From the tiniest tack to the tallest timber; they are largely responsible for essentially holding the building together and ensuring its occupants are safely housed.

(2x4's, 4x4's, treated wood, shims, plywood)

Various widths, lengths, dimensions, cuts, and species of wood; often incorporated during the framing and foundation stage. In addition to framing and foundational implementation, having a well-stocked supply lends opportunities for potential augmentation further along in the new construction project. According to most permitting and building guidelines, a significant portion of the lumber/wood that is used during the framing and construction of a local Colorado home has to be treated lumber to combat/resist the element and exposure.

Tools, Machinery, & Equipment


Typical Tools & Popular Particulars

Granted it typically goes without saying, however, verifying that the necessary construction gear and hand-tools are on-hand and readily available is often overlooked by novice construction companies; much to the dismay of the customer and labor force responsible for affecting said construction services alike.

Having addressed that, we guarantee our arsenal is teaming with the perninent and must-have tools of the trade, such as hammers, nail guns, drills, speed square, hand saws, ladders, safety equipment (glasses/goggles, gloves, hardhats), and a veritable treasure-trove of other crucial contrivances.

Machinery & Equipment

Machinery & Equipment

As the decades have past during our years of treating our local clients and residents here in Colorado with top-notch construction services, especially concerning new builds or new construction projects, we’ve had the oft-coveted position of having directly managed, orcheastrated, and ultimately pioneered some of the larger and more robustly-scaled jobs in the local region.

In order to successfully complete many of the previously mentioned large-scale, new builds/construction projects, we’ve had to incorporate several heavy machines and commandeer a slew of various pieces of construction equipment.

Here is but a sample of the many machines and specified equipment that our master builders are well-versed in wielding during new construction projects that we are responsible for managing: dump trucks, tractors, backhoes, excavators, woodchipper, stump grinder, various saws, jackhammer, grader, bulldozer, trenchers, scrapers, & compactors.

Please keep in mind that while we don’t typically have many of these machines or equipment in our actual possession, however, we are quite familiar with several local suppliers that ensure that we always have quick & reliable access for whatever rentals may be required.

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