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Logistics & Labor Services

Approaching the actual building aspect of the construction project should be done so with clear direction, organization, and poise in mind because most new construction projects are elaborately complex enterprises with an abundance of variables, challenges, and “moving parts” that need to be taken quite seriously.

For instance, one must always take into factor in that a sizable amount of the focus on the construction project has thus far been primarily focused on proactive involvement, preventative planning, and essential preparation aspects, it is vital that at this climactic stage of labor & logistics that inattention and complacency be held at bay; and economy, efficacy, and efficiency, be brought to to the forefront of the construction project.

Varying from the scheduling of labor and construction during the new build project to coordinating any pertinent inspections as the construction project progresses; our new construction project management skills and new construction experience are more than equal to the task(s) that arise. When reaching out, be sure to ask any questions; our construction experts are more than happy to share their construction knowledge & construction insights!




Final Inspections & Walkthrough

Having successfully championed the many hurdles and triumphantly navigated the sometimes precarious waters that typically pool around most new build/construction projects, the oft-referred to “hard work” is now complete.

This is the final stage where client and contractor alike have ample opportunity to bask in the project’s completion and reap the fruits of all parties’ labors. For the client, the upswing is a stunning new home that truly customized to said client and beholden to their own imagination and possibilities.

As for our company, Helton Construction, we get the liberating and always-coveted satisfaction of not only notching another “job well done” on our already noteworthy list of accomplishments, but we also gain solace in knowing we’ve more than likely gained another customer for life; or as we tend to consider them: the newest member of the Helton Construction family.



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